About Us



Since April 2006, a group of parents and local youth interested in establishing a Youth Centre in Uxbridge have worked with members of the Uxbridge community through meetings, events, fundraising, and surveys to determine the needs of our youth. An organization to raise awareness and funds was founded to facilitate the groundwork necessary for a youth centre to be established. This dedicated group of volunteers worked tirelessly with local Service Clubs, schools and Town Council to raise awareness and gain local support.

Thanks to a very generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and a donation of a downtown storefront building site from the Township of Uxbridge, The Uxbridge Youth Centre opened it’s doors in October of 2008.



Our confident, curious, thoughtful youth are engaged and respected as valued citizens.


The Uxbridge Youth Centre works with families, schools, community partners and the Township to provide high quality information access with innovative and relevant programming for all youth ages of 11 and up in a positive, inclusive environment.

The Uxbridge Youth Centre provides after school drop-in hours to youth ages 11 and up.  Our drop-in hours provide youth with the opportunity to hang out with friends, access the internet, play video games and showcase their creative energy through visual arts and jam sessions (we have guitars and a keyboard!).



The UYC is open Monday to Saturday and provides various programming throughout the week.  Our programs span a variety of interests and are provided at minimal to no cost.

The Uxbridge Youth Centre aims to provide youth with a positive, fun and accepting atmosphere that is free from:

  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • Offensive language
  • Discrimination based on sex, ability, peer group, beliefs, social status and sexual orientation
  • Physical, emotional or sexual harassment or abuse
  • Smoking, alcohol and other drugs

The Uxbridge Youth Centre maintains high standards for its operation and seeks to provide:

  • Access to a variety of valuable resources
  • Positive and qualified guidance and supervision from UYC staff, volunteers and Board Members
  • Opportunities for personal growth and individuality
  • Safe and non-threatening environment
  • A voice for youth in the community

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